QuickSolve Accounting System (QS) is designed based on Cambodia market requirements of accounting purpose that would make people easily use to store and keep track of their financial records.

QS is running based on Windows Desktop platform that client easily installs at any standalone Windows or Client-Server environment.

With QS, users can have a user-friendly experience with modules catering for Cambodia's market need such as:

  • General Ledger (GL) Module
  • Employee Control
  • Customer Control
  • Sale Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Inventory Stock Control
  • Payroll Module
  • Reporting Module

Flexable & adaptable

QuickSolve Accounting System (QS) supports any business firm and is able to manage all business transaction.

Easy Installation

QuickSolve Accounting System (QS) provides two options for installation:

  1. Standalone: Three-simple-step installation is perfectly designed for Cambodia's small business.
  2. Client-Server: For organisation that has two or more client machines connecting to one centralised server.

No more clunky company files

QuickSolve Accounting System (QS) allows user to use less hard copy of any document especially the monthly report. User doesn't need to keep the paper as all is in soft copies.

Multi-User Collaboration

QuickSolve Accounting System (QS) allows user to access more than one at the same time and the same module. All data input by each user is centralised and updated on time.

Take your business growth

All your information and business data are in one place and it brings to the manager to make the business decision.